I/We (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) have employed Afriwalk Cape Town (hereinafter referred to as “Afriwalk") to provide the following services of walking their dog(s).


Payments are to be made to Afriwalk on a monthly basis, no later than the last day of the month.  Should you fail to make payment Afriwalk has the right to hand you over to a collecting agency at your expense.


Twenty-four hours advanced notice is required for cancellation and reimbursement will be made. If cancellation is made with less than twenty-four hours no reimbursement will be made.


Client understands that Afriwalk will care for their animal(s) in their absence and this care may require access to their home(s). This care may include the following: feeding, providing water, walking, providing love and affection to their animal(s), treats, providing emergency medical attention if needed.  Please specify your preference of vet, Afriwalk's local veterinary clinic is Steenberg but we are happy to use your preferred vet. 


Afriwalk will make all reasonable efforts to provide for the safety and well-being of their animal(s) but makes no guarantees that such efforts will be sufficient in all circumstances.


The client acknowledges that the Services offered may be an activity in which damage or injury to animal(s) and/or persons may occur. Client will assume full financial responsibility for the actions of their animal(s). Client understands and is aware that the Services described in this Agreement contain inherent risks and dangers which could result in injury and/or damage to and/or by Client’s animal(s), which may arise resulting from, but not limited to, the hazards of all types of traffic, dangerous dogs, dog attacks. The risks of caring for injured, sick or elderly animals.


In consideration of, and as part of the payment for the Services provided herein, Client has and does hereby accept the terms and conditions, and above risks.


Termination: Either Client or Afriwalk has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by notice to the other. Client acknowledges that Services will cease upon termination of this Agreement.


This Agreement supersedes all other agreements, written or oral, between Client and Afriwalk.

Service Agreement