I, Annette van der Berg, is a Marina da Gama resident whose compassion for dogs, has led to two things. Firstly, what started out nine months ago as feeding two dogs in the morning before work, has become a communal feeding session with a very large group of hungry hounds in Vrygrond Capricorn Park. Secondly, I have been making weekend trips into the core of Vrygrond, to educate the residents about animal care and nutrition.


I am a qualified game ranger who grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and animals have always played a significant part in my life. I am well respected in the community - everyone knows my car and greets me, and thus far I have had no negative feedback. I am currently registering and NGO called Afripaw, please visit and follow my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Vrygrond/.


I have been working in the fast paced corporate world for the last 4 years but have since decided to follow my love and passion for animals and the things that make me happy. Being in the corporate world and just dealing with life in general I know how hard it is to keep a home life balance and still take care of our fur babies the way they should be. Here is an example of what my life has been working in the corporate world for the last 4 years. I wake up at 5am, walk our 4 dogs, and at times 10 when I have fosters, feed dogs, get my 1 year old ready for crèche, get myself ready and leave by 6.45am to miss traffic. I drop my daughter at crèche, go to work, collect my daughter and get home at 5.45pm if traffic isn’t too bad.  I the feed baby, bath and put my baby to bed by 8pm.  After all of this we still need to eat as a family, dogs need to be fed and at 9pm I take them for their second walk.  


For 4 years this has been my life and it has been crazy!!! This is the very reason I would like to offer this service to everyone out there not only to relieve some pressure from your daily lives but I will also be doing what I love. I have great knowledge of animals and can cater for the needs of each of each and everyone of your fur babies.  I am an avid runner so if your dog needs to be run, I will happily do this and if your dog prefers to take a slow walk I do this as well.  I will not only walk/run your dogs but shower them with loads of love and attention. I have my own SUV vehicle and can take your fur babies on all sorts of different walkies or if you would prefer walks in your own area I am happy to do this as well.  I am completely flexible and am led by your requests.


I cannot wait to meet you and your fur babies and form a trustful and loving bond with them. Remember this is not a job to me, it is doing what I love and what God wired me to do!

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